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[2022] Happy New Year Quotes Wishes in English with FHD Images

Happy New Year Quotes Wishes in English

A new beginning, a new year
This wish is sent to someone very dear.
We appreciate all the things you do
Never forget that we love you!

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Hope the New Year starts off bright, and continues to shine throughout the year. Wishes for you of peace and contentment that do not cease. Happy New Year To You!

Please don't make any New Year's resolutions. You're perfect just the way you are.

Happy New Year Quotes Wishes in English

This year, I'm resolving to love you even more. I don't know how that's possible, but I'm going to try.

The best part of New Year's Eve are the fireworks that happen when I'm alone with you.

They say time flies when you're having fun. That's probably why the last year with you has gone by so fast.

Happy New Year, sweetheart! I can't think of anyone I'd rather be kissing at midnight.

My New Year's resolution is to be more like you. Happy New Year to one of the best people I know.

I know you had a tough year, but you made it through. I hope next year rewards you for your strength and perseverance.

Happy New Year! With friends like you, I know 2021 is going to be great.

Just think, the next year could be the best of your life. Work hard, stay positive, and know that there are people like me who are pulling for you.

They say out with the old and in with the new, but I'm not letting go of old friends like you.

When I think about all my happiest memories from the past year, there's one common denominator: you.

Wishing you 364 days of happiness in the coming year (happiness might get old after awhile, so I gave you one day off).

We'll either tackle our dreams or end up in a wreck - either way, let's meet the new year head on

Have fun breaking your New Year's resolutions.

It's a new year already? I was just getting used to the old one!

Happy New Year! Don't forget to make some resolutions you'll never keep and put up a new wall calendar you'll never look at.

Have a carefree New Year's Eve and a hangover-free New Year's Day.

There's only one thing we can do to stop the years from going by too fast, and that's to make every single day count. Hope all your days ahead are full of fun, adventure, and all the other things that make life worth living.

Happy Holidays! Hope you keep some of that Christmas spirit tucked away somewhere so it stays with you throughout the coming year.

Don't just hope for a great year. Make it a great year.

I hope the new year brings you the sorts of gifts you can't find under any Christmas tree. I'm referring to the gifts of inner peace, personal growth, health, prosperity, and most of all, love.

May you reach all your goals in the new year, and find happiness in the endeavor.

As you look back on the past year and forward to the new one, keep in mind that they're both steps on the ladder to your dreams.